Core Safety

"Informative, relaxed yet very beneficial. Professionally delivered and good adult learning environment"- Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Trainee

Everyone in hazardous industries requires a set of core skills to equip them for living and working safely offshore, and as a basis for the development of job-specific safety skills.

New entrants to the industry are required to complete a number of these courses before being allowed to enter high risk and hazardous workplaces. All Core Safety courses involve practical training in simulations which include realistic workplace environments. The simulations include realistic plant and equipment and represent many of the hazards trainees will experience when joining workplaces.   

Note: For core safety courses that include emergency breathing system (EBS) training, please see OPITO tropical emergency breathing system (TEBS), OPITO BOSIET, OPITO FOET or OPITO BOSIET bridging courses. Please be aware that the TEBS, FOET and BOSIET bridging courses have prerequisites that must be met.