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Easily Book Marine and Safety Training in Perth for Your Maritime Team

Working aboard a maritime vessel involves all the risks, hazards, and safety protocols of a standard workplace, with the added complication of water surrounding the vessel. Because marine vessels are often far from shore and the safety it provides, maritime personnel must be especially well trained to handle fires, respond to other emergencies (such as collisions or inclement weather damage), operate survival craft, and more. At ERGT Australia, we provide a range of marine courses in Perth to help your crew learn the skills necessary to safely live, work and survive aboard a maritime vessel.

Our Marine and Safety Training in Perth: Approved by Relevant Bodies and Groups

ERGT Australia is pleased to offer a growing number of AMSA approved maritime courses in Perth. These courses range from AMSA’s Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting all the way to incident management.

As you can see, the training we offer in the maritime space includes a versatile range of skills and safety precautions that can help your crew members stay safe and aware while working at sea. We even offer AMSA’s Personal Survival Techniques (PST), to provide your staff with skills and knowledge related to sea survival. Should your vessel sustain catastrophic damage by fire, an explosion or inclement weather, it is vital for your crew members to know what to do to survive until a rescue party can come to their aid.

No matter what type of marine safety courses your Perth crew requires, you can trust ERGT Australia to provide a quality curriculum. The delivery method of all our courses is highly engaging and practical, including; classroom presentations, activities, discussions, simulations and assessments. This mix of delivery methods ensures both a theoretical and practical understanding of the skills we teach. Said another way, not only will your crew know the best practices for staying safe in the case of on-board emergencies, but they will also know how to implement those best practices to protect your vessel or save lives.

Also, no matter the course, you can expect ERGT Australia to provide a curriculum that complies with all relevant standards and requirements. Our courses are approved by the Australia Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and compliant with the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW) established by the International Convention in 1978. When it comes to our maritime courses in Perth, your employees are in good hands with us.

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Enrolling in ERGT Australia’s marine courses in Perth is easy. You can book online by clicking here and browsing the maritime course on our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly National Sales Service team via email (at info@ergt.com.au) or via telephone (on 1300 ERGT AU). Any of these methods will allow you to book any of our maritime courses (or any of the 150+ courses we offer across numerous disciplines) in Perth or across our other two training centres.