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by ERGT Australia | Dec 02, 2016

ERGT Australia has now been approved by OPITO to deliver the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA EBS) course at our Perth Training Centre and on-site Australia wide.

CA EBS is now being adopted by leading offshore operators in both warm and cold water environments as the preferred Emergency Breathing System for offshore travel.

A major benefit of this system is that CA EBS can be deployed at short notice and, if required, underwater. Additionally, the compressed air stored within the systems cylinder provides the user with fresh air (no CO2 ) each breath. This is in contrast to the traditional re-breather which the user would struggle to deploy underwater and provide them with the same air (containing CO2) to re-breathe.

This OPITO approved course will provide Trainees with an understanding of how the CA-EBS works, the hazards of compressed air and most importantly the techniques for rapid and effective deployment during an emergency ditching. 

The course is available every week Monday to Friday from our Perth Training Centre and upon request at other locations Australia Wide. It's run over 1.5 hours and can be coordinated with other courses to be completed on the same day.

Please call 1300 ERGT AU or email info@ergt.com.au to book.
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